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Post Divorce Issues

After your divorce has been final for any length of time, issues and challenges may arise that need to be addressed. Your needs and life circumstances may have changed, or the other party may have failed to comply with the agreed upon terms. If you need to change your custody or support arrangements, or need help compelling your ex to comply with the agreement, Family law attorney Jennifer Oram-Smith can help.

Child custody and visitation schedules, child support andalimony, health insurance and job changes are just some of the issues that can be contested or modified well after the divorce proceedings have ended.

Trying to resolve legal issues on your own may be a mistake. Frequently, one party turns out to be dominant in the relationship which puts the other party at a disadvantage. Having your own divorce lawyer specializing in family law may be necessary to ensure you have equal rights.

Contact the law office of Jennifer Oram-Smith Family law and we will guide you through the process of navigating your post divorce issues. We will prepare and present a compelling case in court to help you achieve the outcome you are seeking.

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