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Establish, Modify and/or Enforce Financial Support Orders for Children

Virginia Beach divorce lawyer and Family Law attorney Jennifer Oram-Smith has over 30 years experience representing clients in need of establishing, modifying or enforcing the payment of financial support obligations, including
spousal support/alimony payments.
Regardless of whether you are seeking a divorce or legal separation, establishing a legal support order can be tedious and emotionally draining, therefore you want to hire an attorney who will work competently throughout the entire process.

In child support establishment and modification cases, payment amounts are determined by support guidelines set forth in the Virginia statutes. The guidelines apply equally to children born to married or unmarried parents. 

The Virginia law was established to presume that the guideline for determining financial support for children is in the best interest of the child. A court may be persuaded to increase or decrease the financial obligation based on relevant evidence pertaining to the circumstances. Clients who feel that the established guideline amount is unjust or inappropriate for their situation will need a skilled attorney for representation.

Our Family Law firm will advise you of the Virginia guidelines and can provide you with an estimate of how much you can expect to pay or receive. In addition we will advise you of the legal obligations involved when illness or loss of employment affects your ability to pay. 

Modification of Your Child's Financial Support Agreement

As time goes on and circumstances change, modifications in the support amount may be necessary. We represent clients on either side of these complex and contentious matters. We are well qualified to handle contested proceedings in court or mediate out-of-court negotiations.  

Both child and spousal support that is ordered in a final divorce decree are generally referred to the Juvenile courts for further modification and enforcement. Child support between unmarried parents is established and enforced by the Juvenile courts or administratively by the Division of Child Support Enforcement. 

Attorney Jennifer Oram-Smith has the experience to represent clients in all matters related to ensuring your child is financially supported.

Spousal Support

Divorce presents many challenges and many of those are financial.
Divorce or legal separation can be particularly challenging when one spouse is dependent on the other. 

Alimony laws in Virginia establish that temporary or permanent spousal support and maintenance (alimony) is determined in divorce cases based on a number of factors such as the ones listed below. Although each case is different and the factors are not limited to these. 

 The length of the marriage

 Salary of each spouse

 Earning capacity of each spouse

 Contributions by each spouse to the marriage 

We work with our clients to understand all of the details of your specific situation.

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Virginia Beach Child Support Lawyers

Enforcing Your Child's Right to be Financially Supported 

When a couple decides to terminate their marriage, and there are children who will be affected, determining how the children will be supported can be a very challenging matter. This issue pertains to unwed parents of children as well. 

Child support is the money paid to the parent with physical custody of the children by the other parent. It is intended to make sure both parents are financially responsible for the costs of raising a child. This includes school expenses, healthcare and everyday needs.

Every situation is different and it is important to understand the laws in Virginia. Establishing the support obligation amount is a very crucial matter that requires a skilled and competent child support lawyer on your side.

Our family law practice specializes in legal counsel of child custody and visitation rights, which usually needs to be addressed simultaneously when a couple is pursuing a divorce. You can avoid a costly custody battle and protect your rights as a parent by hiring the right lawyer.